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May 2017

Robocall Company Attorneys Harass Victim of Company's Robocall

Robocall company, Ultimate Vacation Group LLC, that made sham political survey robocalls to cell phones for Caribbean Cruise Line Inc. has hired attorneys that falsely accused me of entrapment, being a predator, encouraging illegal robocalls and even fabricated evidence of my consent. They have filed a frivolous law suit against me seeking to silence me and keep me from sharing their fabricated evidence with the public. The attorneys have filed their frivolous law in Harris County, Texas which is known for their extreme prejudice against consumers that cannot afford attorneys to represent them. Harris county courts have a record of violating the civil rights of individuals. In one case a rape victim who was very distraught during testimony was held in jail by the county for the nebulous reason that the rape victim may not return to complete her testimony. You can read the details about the jailing of rape victim Jenny here. This behavior of Harris County Courts of routinely violating peoples civil rights is an embarrassment to the Texas legal system.

Harris County courts routinely look the other way when attorneys make false accusations and fabricate evidence and allow attorneys to use their courts to retaliate and harass victims of their clients illegal telemarketing behavior.  This includes Harris county appellate courts who twice have let attorneys retaliate and harass me and my family. The attorneys for the Caribbean Cruise Line sham political survey robocalls that made the above false accusations against me and fabricated evidence of my consent are Jeremy Saenz, Jason Wagner, Jeffrey Backman, George Pappas and Mitchell Roth. Roth has been heavily involved with the illegal telemarketing industry since at least 2004. In 2014 he represented Dialing Services LLC which had made millions of illegal robocalls to peoples cell phones. You can read the Dialing Services FCC citation here and the Dialing Services FCC Forfeiture Order here. Also in 2014 the State of New York went After Ultimate Vacation Group, who Roth represented, for calling consumers whose telephone numbers were on the do-not-call list. The Consent Order is here. Most recently in 2017 in an investigation dealing with shell corporations and home business opportunity telemarketing Roth was tied to the telemarketing schemes by the Oregon Attorney General.  Its in the flow diagram on page 12 here. Also in 2017 Roth's clients in Boynton, Florida who had been sued previously by state Attorney Generals were sued and enjoined by the FTC for making billions of robocalls to numbers on the National do-not-call list for the past 5 years. The FTC press release is here.

Roth, Saenz and Wagner threatened to sue me for $545,000.00 claiming I had slandered them and breached a settlement agreement. Their letter demanding I pay them over a half million dollars can be found in my FCC comment here. They forum shopped and sued me for $45,000.00 in Harris County court to avoid federal court which would have dismissed their frivolous law suit under the Texas anti-SLAPP law in a heart beat. These attorneys have repeatedly tried to blackmail me and have stated to me multiple times that they will dismiss their frivolous suit if I remove my FCC comment ( an impossibility) and keep silent about their false accusations and fabricated evidence. I refuse to be silenced by these crooks.

You can read their false accusations and see their fabricated evidence which is all contained in my previous FCC comment and updated in my most recent FCC comment with full annotations on the fabrication here.

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