(fill in the form and print it out for a record of telemarketing calls)

Sometimes it takes a little luck to track down a telemarketer. Using all of the above should help but you may find them in one database and not another. It will take some time and patience. See the example below.


  1. I received this prerecorded telephone solicitation with a company name in the message of B&B Pressure Washing. This company did not exist in the assumed names database.
  2. There was a telephone number within the message. I called that number and got a first name (Robert).
  3. At this point all I had was the caller ID number/name and the first name I got in my call to the company.
  4. I looked up the caller ID number and determined it originated in the Seabrook, Texas area.
  5. The name on caller ID (Tracy Holloway) turned up a company called TRK Wholesale Express in the assumed name database. The address for this company was also in Seabrook, Texas.
  6. I looked up marriage records and was able to tie the first name from my call to the company and the name on caller ID together. Tracy Holloway had married Robert Koetting hence the TRK (Tracey Renee Koetting) Wholesale Express.
  7. Voters registration database confirmed the Seabrook address as well.

This took me about a half hour to do. Not all of them are this easy. In some cases it has taken several weeks for a call back from the telemarketer or getting subpoenaed information from the phone company.

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Last update 09/23/08