Findlaw - Caselaw search engine, legal news, links to federal and state legal sites, etc.

Duhaime's Law Dictionary - Online law dictionary

Versus law - Case law search.

Law Guru - News, articles, research, FAQ's, etc. - Law news and links to state law news

Junk Faxes - Junk fax library, junk fax news, etc.

TCPA Law - requires java script enabled and agreement to terms to enter the web site. This is the best TCPA reference on the Internet.

Junk Busters - Lots of privacy stuff; always up to date on privacy issues including telemarketing.

C.A.T.S. - Californians Against Telephone Solicitations; qoute of the week from the telemarketing industry

Private Citizen - Since 1988; stop junk calls service. - Class action law suit information

Diana Mey - Home page of one of the first to take on the telemarketing industry.

Attorney Reference Page - resource page for just about anything related to law on the Internet.


Texas Bar - Find a Texas attorney.

Texas Statutes - From Texas Legislature Online; searchable.

Texas Legislature - Legislation, committees, bills - searchable, hearings, constitution, etc.

Texas Appelate Courts - From Texas Judiciary Online; searchable.

Texas Rules of Civil Procedure - Supreme Court of Texas.

Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure - Texas Judiciary

Supreme Court of Texas - Opinions and Orders, case information, search, etc.

Texas Rules of Evidence - Texas Judicial System Procedures, Rules and Revisions.

Texas Department of Insurance - Find the registered agent of an insurance company, find an insurance agent

Texas Commission on Private Security - Database of alarm system companies/installers.

Public Utility Commission of Texas - Complaint database, LEC and LDC database, Substantive Rules, etc.

Texas Attorney General - News, opinions, etc.

Texas Counties - Links to online Texas counties


Federal Judiciary

U.S. Supreme Court

Federal Courts

Legislative Information

U.S. Code

Library of Congress

U.S. Constitution

Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register

National Archives and Records Administration

Federal Trade Commission

Federal Communications Commission

U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Standard 1037 - telecommunications definitions and standards

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